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Rugged Craziness

There is a reason they call it the “Rugged Maniac” You must be rugged to consider getting dirty, crawling in the mud, dirt trenches, under barb wire, over tall obstacles, big teeter totters, rings, jumping over fire and running up … Continue reading

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2015 Race Report – part 2 – the best part…

Milestone Race of the Year: Hot Chocolate Race – The milestone being my age graded result that I may have missed if it weren’t for my team mate Karen sharing that I made the top 25. ย I love our lady … Continue reading

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Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: Mountain of Dreams

This is spin on the Daily Post Blog interviewing random cool bloggers about the name of their blogs. So today I will share the inspiration that lead me to my blog name. WHATโ€™S THE STORY BEHIND YOUR BLOG NAME,ย MOUNTAIN OF … Continue reading

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