2016 Race Report -“The First Half – just getting warmed up!”

National Master’s 10k Championship  April 25, 2016

My official time: 44:46 – distance: 10k – 7:13/mile – 112th overall USTAF – 10th 50 year old

A huge congrats to our Masters Team, who just brought home 2nd Place at the US 10k Masters Championships at the James Joyce 10k!  That is incredible!

The masters team was lead by Dana, who finished a strong 41:22, just outside the top 10 masters!  Ruthie kicked off her season finishing in 43:13.  Right on Ruthie’s heals, Sarah Dolven ran her first race as a WMDPer, finishing in 43:30.  Nancy ran strong to finish in 44:46.  Karen and Kate rounded out the team, finishing in 47:41 and 48:07.  Combined, they finished 2nd place, less than 2 minutes behind 1st place and well ahead of 3rd place.  Amazing job ladies!

My first National Championship 10k!  Arriving home from our Snowbird ski trip the night before at 2 AM – to be picked up by Ruthie’s van full of WMDP team mates!  A bit confused by the people chanting in the streets, was quickly corrected that they were reading from James Joyce novels. 🙂  Happy with my result despite the lack of cooperation of USTAF on the scoring – it was a fun day with the team!

7 Sisters- May 8, 2016

My official time was 3 hours 10 minutes, 40 seconds – 1st in my age

 On May 8th, the team came out to defend our home turf at the Seven Sisters Trail Race.  Kelsey won in an amazing time of 2:12:45, followed by Kehr in 2:15:32.  Molly won her age group (finishing 5th female) in 2:37:07.  Nancy also won her age group in 3:10:40.  And, the event was a true team effort, with many from the team out volunteering, cheering, and organizing.

My Instagram post: Finish line photo with my boy.🌟 I was first in my age group 3 hours and 11 minutes first time #7sisterstrailrace  🌟 it was very very challenging rain hail wind slippery rock mud slides rockslides – it was just crazy out there definitely one of the hardest races I’ve ever run #toughmudder AU natural #mountainrunning #respecttheprocess #WMDP#team so great to see all my friends out there Amy as the race director ❤️ Colleen is the volunteer director and Schuyler was so great volunteering and being there to run to the finish line with me ❤️#mothersdaygift #volunteering 

Loved the Patagonia zip long sleeve with the 7 sisters logo as my first place in age prize.  First time doing this race it felt pretty rough in the recovery, but so glad I experienced it and will definitely do it again!

Write up in Runner’s World of the 7 sisters race



VT City Marathon -Burlington, VT- May 29, 2016

My official time was 3:54:45 – 4th in my age group!

436 4/60 F5054   10- 49:13     Half1:45:58 Pace: 8:56   Finish time:  3:54:45


Let’s just say it was a very hot day!  Got my BQ for 2017 Boston!  4th in my age group was quite the feat and I am so happy for my 5th time on this course.  Love the hometown Burlington crowd, the kettle drums, start in Battery Park and finish along the shore of Lake Champlain.  There is no place like home!

Remember the heat and the streets of Burlington as the miles roll by … It was a hot day, lots of reminders and warnings to drink.  They closed down the race after I finished, and my last miles were watching people covered in cooling blankets and taken away in golf carts.  Everyone was ok – I have been in so many hot marathons in the past, it is definitely a danger and you need to hydrate and not push yourself too hard.  Glad for my finish and so happy for the BQ – which means I don’t have to run another marathon this year! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by – please leave a comment below!  What is your hottest race you have run?



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I'm a top ranked master Marathon Runner, Waterskier, Alpine Skiing Development Coach & PSIA certified instructor, Ski Race Photographer, Proud Mom, & Loving Wife. I love my Community, my Home, my Labrador Retriever, my Trails in the summer & Mountains in the winter. I'm a lymphoma cancer survivor diagnosed July 2010 - passionate about sharing my strength, finding a cure & raising the funds needed for research, working toward the ultimate goal of a cancer free world
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