Truly Madly Deeply

Happy Valentines Day! 

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

Every year we dress in our wedding clothes to celebrate our love being so incredibly special!

Every year we dress in our wedding clothes to celebrate our love being so incredibly special!


Who knows when you are going to find love. I feel so incredibly blessed that the love that I have found, although later in my life is true love..  This is “it”- it’s the real deal — my twin — the one that I feel confident that will be with me forever and beyond. The story behind our love is shared in our wedding blog — how we met and the days building up to that amazing day we joined in marriage. But the love doesn’t stop after marriage, after dealing with the kids (both mine & his — who now are lovingly “ours”) – after dealing with the bills –dealing with injuries, ailments and after dealing with cancer.  The love grows stronger each day. The bond builds and our love is true. We are mad for each other and we deeply care and hold this relationship truly as a priority. Going through old emails, the love notes of the 21st century, I came across some amazing words that I exchanged with Steve.  He would randomly email me words of his devotion and care and I would do the same.  I love the below interaction, a sampling of the love letters we would send to each other . The best part is we still feel the same way we did back then!

My note to Steve (January 9, 2008)

    Truly I want to be with you forever, truly my love for you is so incredibly strong… I remember as a girl dreaming of a man who would be like me, for me, support me love me, enjoy   life like I enjoy life and be mine – true – souls connect -hearts are as one.

Madly I love you – I need you – I want you – forever, a family, a man, a woman, wanting   passionately the same things in life in the sports we love, the people we care about, the   work we dedicate ourselves to excel in and to be supported completely by a man – you are   that man – I have finally found you. I will dedicate my self to you.

Deeply our souls connect, our love colides, our familes grow and love one another. Deeply is this connection – so much that when I look to the stars you are there for me, always,   loving, supporting, pushing, sending me all your strength. The power of this deep and real  connection is difficult to explain, but it is there – me and you -forever. Whatever you want – I am yours!

And his note back to me….

I have come to realize that I have never ever been in love before.  I have never known how complete you can feel when you have that special person in your life.  Now I do....  I truly do...   I am amazed at how I feel.  Almost off balance.  Stunned!  I'm alive and in a daze at the same time.  You make every day special and wonderful just by being you with me.  It is hard to focus on anything else around me.   It is hard being away from you.  The nice part is that I can feel you with me always.  You are a part of me..

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary October 2013

I hope that you surround yourself with those that love you.

Enjoy this day as a celebration of love!


About NancyE

I'm a top ranked master Marathon Runner, Waterskier, Alpine Skiing Development Coach & PSIA certified instructor, Ski Race Photographer, Proud Mom, & Loving Wife. I love my Community, my Home, my Labrador Retriever, my Trails in the summer & Mountains in the winter. I'm a lymphoma cancer survivor diagnosed July 2010 - passionate about sharing my strength, finding a cure & raising the funds needed for research, working toward the ultimate goal of a cancer free world
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