Stowe Mountain Resort awaits! – Come ski with Team Cook!

On my list is to write an article for skiing magazines about our family “Team Cook” and our love for skiing and coaching! We are all at Stowe Mountain Resort (our 2nd year there!) Come and join us!  We are a family of skiers, we grew up skiing and we have raised our children to love the sport. Schuyler is a U14 at MMSC this year and racing at in the northern council. The rest of us — well we would love to share our love of skiing with you!

To book a private lesson Call 800-253-4SKI (4754) ext 3681 or stop by a Ski & Snowboard School desk, located at the Spruce Camp Base Lodge and the Mansfield Base Lodge or link here to fill out the form with your stay and request one of us as your coach! It will be memorable and fun!

Steve, Nancy, Amanda, Samantha & Stephen

Steve, Nancy, Amanda, Samantha & Stephen

Thanks for recommending the Cook Family at Stowe Mountain Resort. 🙂
Here is the bio information of our family of ski teachers!
Steve – PSIA Examiner & Alpine Race Coach (USSA certified)– (30 years experience) top level ski coaching for all levels, specializes in high end skiing, ski racing, and mogul skiing.
Nancy – PSIA Level 3 – (20 years experience) Great with all levels – specializes in women & men (adults) – but also great with kids. Great in moguls, trees, park.
Samantha – PSIA Level 3 – 10 years experience – GREAT with kids – 4-6 year olds is her specialty. 🙂 Also good with all levels and adults too. 🙂
Stephen Jr.- PSIA Level 2 (skiing) -8 years experience.  Works in the Mountain Camp teaching 7-12 year olds – great with kids all levels. Good with Park, jumps, & free riding 
Amanda Peck – Nancy’s niece – snowboard instructor – Great with kids! Second year teaching snowboarding at Stowe Mountain!

Getting ready for your trip to Stowe Mountain Resort this winter? Here are some great tips for packing & getting ready! Pick a date and come join us! Tons of skiing and lots of fun awaits in this winter paradise!

Cook Family Winter 2012 Snowbird

If you haven’t tried skiing and want to come try it — give Stowe Mountain a call! We would love to see you on the mountain! It is an incredible place – true paradise!

If you ski or ride – where is your favorite place to ski?

Come experience Stowe Mountain!



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I'm a top ranked master Marathon Runner, Waterskier, Alpine Skiing Development Coach & PSIA certified instructor, Ski Race Photographer, Proud Mom, & Loving Wife. I love my Community, my Home, my Labrador Retriever, my Trails in the summer & Mountains in the winter. I'm a lymphoma cancer survivor diagnosed July 2010 - passionate about sharing my strength, finding a cure & raising the funds needed for research, working toward the ultimate goal of a cancer free world
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  1. Sounds interesting! I wonder what’s the feeling learning skiing with a set a family? hmm.. Awesome! 😀

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