To Coach or Be Coached

To Coach or Be Coached that is the question. When we come out of the womb we are given two very special coaches. I was blessed to have a mother and father that taught the following lessons to set myself up for success and be coachable. Set achievable goals – whether it is shooting free … Continue reading To Coach or Be Coached

Knots of Garlic

Homemade Garlic Knots ❤️. Using the recipe handed down from my mom to make basic roll dough, I make these amazing Gatlic Knots. This is Schuyler’s favorite treat when we go to Stowe, where he gets his favorite knots from Picasso Restaurant. I make these knots from the basic dough recipe and melted butter with fresh … Continue reading Knots of Garlic

It’s Hunting Season!

Job hunting season that is…. Discovering and honing in on your communication style surely is key in a current job search.  Identifying your style can help you work with the situation at hand and connect you with people of the same or different styles of communication!   Do you know which communication style is your strongest? Or your … Continue reading It’s Hunting Season!

How to Finish Strong!

My speech last night at my local Toastmasters International club with the goal to inspire by connecting with the audience was about my experience getting started in triathlons and competing. I am truly improving as a speaker in Toastmasters and hope to build on this love for speaking in the future. Displayed in the front of the … Continue reading How to Finish Strong!